“We have been clients of Bob Bell & Lou Izzi for over ten years.  On our behalf they have drafted wills, established durable powers of attorney, set up a trust and successfully represented us in litigation.  In each instance we were impressed not only with their knowledge of the law, but also with their interpersonal skills.  They answered all of our questions fully and made us feel very comfortable.  For these reasons, they have our highest recommendation.” P.C., Melrose, MA

“Lou Izzi is an extraordinary talent.  As a natural conversationalist, Lou makes you feel right at home a minute into your first conversation.  He listens to your real estate questions in detail and provides his expertise.  Lou is very patient and personable, he demonstrated these qualities when he helped us during our first purchase and sale agreement.  He walked us through the whole process and was in complete control throughout the negotiations with the other legal counsel.  Lou remained in constant contact, keeping us up to date with the procedure.  We reached a positive conclusion on the P&S negotiations and are very grateful for his service and time!  We highly recommend Lou Izzi of Bell & Izzi, LLC.” Chris Loiselle and Lisa Pellegrini, Reading, MA

“Having been long familiar with the law firm of Bell & Izzi, we turned to them for advice in handling a property matter with a neighbor.  The combination of the firm’s expertise in property law and their professionalism lead to an amicable resolution.  I would highly recommend Bob and Lou.” D.W., Melrose, MA

“I met Lou Izzi’s law partner Bob Bell a couple of years ago when my small neighborhood needed to be appropriately zoned.  Bob’s knowledge of zoning and especially the uniqueness of Melrose (he was involved in many of the zoning updates over the last couple decades) was key to this process going from one of headaches and disagreements to one of simple common sense.  He represented our small group of neighbors as if he was one of the neighbors not just our representative. 

My wife and I are not from Massachusetts and our first home in Melrose was considered our five year home.  After seven years we knew that this was the community we wanted to stay in.  Buying and selling in Melrose can be complicated with limited inventory in certain neighborhoods and close property lines which often involves things like shared driveways and garages.  Lou Izzi was the clear choice for us in the  sale of our home.  Similar to our original dealings with Lou’s firm we found ourselves in a situation which required updating of the legal boundary agreements between our home and that of our neighbors in order for us to be able to sell.  This was necessary to ensure that the buyer of our home and our existing neighbors were comfortable with the rights and responsibilities of a shared driveway and garage.  Again Lou, transformed a situation of headaches and disagreements into one of bringing parties together based on common sense.  He accomplished this not through lengthy written emails or documents that only a lawyer could understand but by sitting down with each party and explaining the situation, implications and benefits derived from his necessary revisions to our legal documents.  His calm approach and level headedness was the key to closing on our home in a timely manner.

I enjoyed working directly with Lou and would not hesitate to recommend Bob and Lou to others.”  Rooker Price, Melrose, MA